The real power of managers to change their environment

Certain followers of my blog tell me that some of my posts have extension "longplay" and require some thought. With what it costs you just finished one working day !…

In the absence reason, but let two points:

a) For the sake of your own I suggest you read my blog Company during working hours, when ye not yet saturated and unwilling. Because here we are dealing with real issues and practical business and its current deterioration due to short-term management. In the environment we live in sustainable enterprises only have medium-term future and sustainability will depend more on their TOPs Managers that hierarchically in the dome. So reflect on the Management and consider it a necessary regeneration relevant item of work.

Bridging the gap and with due humility, let me frame my blog as a publication of Management. I've never brought home publications and technical journals to be read there. The themes of work should be read in time to make them productive work, share with peers and apply if possible. So it's best to book a few minutes for them in working hours.

b) Some of my friends of this blog expected a typical manual prescriptions and recommendations for success in management as the thousands that are published worldwide each month. Rather my intention is to warn that such management should be reviewed. This is not to seek more excellence on the actual, but to analyze whether this should continue to apply, or converselythis is a change was affecting certain groups of Interest (stakeholders) and analyze how we should approach it in the business world. In this context Managers, more even than the TOPs, charge the highest importance.

In line with these thoughts I confess that I loved the "speech" philosopher and assistant professor of sociology Amando de Miguel, who said that entrepreneurs, los managers, persons,yes you can change the world. Yes they can change their small environment. By changing our environment and it would. And people who propose it have an uncanny ability to do.

I agree one hundred percent, a good manager can change your business environment and influence decisively the TOPs, often eventually end up doing what they advise their Managers, which thus emerge as a de facto power in the company.

Amando de Miguel proposes change the business world through managers also artists able to convert his collaborators in artists. In art there is no crisis, the artist is always motivated, the artist becomes a work of art raw material where there was nothing; it is a, or a book, or a scientific experiment, or a discovery, or a good product… This man gets it when an artist.

Loving, how happy approaches. Let me buy these theories…


Source: Association for the Advancement of Management (APD) / Motivacionymas


Do you share these ideas of Professor De Miguel to move the business?

In your role as manager you get timely strongly influence your TOPs?

Would you dare to challenge and fight from your address position against the "establishment" of your corporation if you have demonstrable certainties of error in the making of a decision?


The “OptopusManager”

2 Responses to The real power of managers to change their environment

  1. Rafa House says:

    Let's see, I can not trust many TOPs mammoth structures that maintain inefficient despite their high operating costs. It occurs at all levels.
    Neither the international management (example the ineffective UN), or the European Union (example 3 presidents and none decides nothing), or National (this government does less bad the previous), or the Autonomous (17 markets crashing into the single European market). And this extends to the Company.
    I admire the artists TOPs, that there, clear that there. In fact I've worked for some. But above all, I think the regeneration of Management has to start from levels close to the TOPs + average levels of management of the Company. Including at levels close to the academy TOPs (University, Business Schools , Consulting) There is hope for change towards sustainability.

  2. milena says:

    Ahahahaaaa! You Pille RafaCamara.
    You do not trust the TOPs, already noticed…
    TOPs consider that there are artists who make their subordinates also artists ???

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