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Why “Management” should be regenerated ?

Current Management systems are not working well and should enter must review. Business Schools and Private Masters have stereotyped the leadership and management style to the point that the differences between companies in the same sector are virtually non-existent. And that deviate from the orthodoxy …

The "consumisables"

Llamaremos “consumisables” a los colectivos prescriptores y consumidores que eligen los productos o servicios de la empresa bajo una forma responsable. The power of consumers through social networks is impressive expansion. If they have been the architect of the revolutions in North Africa started in the 2011, es lógico

The "inversables"

Llamaremos “inversables” a los colectivos que invierten en la empresa bajo una forma responsable. For large corporations the "inversables" are investors who recognize, value and are committed to sustainable business, more for reasons of reduction of risks and therefore benefits collection for altruistic. En el caso

I must be a little crazy

Hello friends, I´m Rafa Cámara and I want to introduce to you a new business book with a different approach: Regeneration of Management, through Corporate Social Responsibility. I am an industrial engineer and took over 30 years in different management levels in Northamerican and European multinationals. I'm always in continuous learning, so …

The spirit of the book "The Regeneration of Management"

The world is stirred, completely tarumba. Nobody knows what will happen. The leaders of those European countries that were previously referred question whether part of the social achievements will be maintained. Economists do not agree ... And is that the socio-political-economic that has governed us in the past …

CSR, a company asset

Respect for ethical values ​​in general, communities of their business environment ( suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders) and the environment, implemented through a set of policies, practices and procedures, is a strategic resource of high value addition to avoiding business risks, provides a cost effective competitive differentiation strategy. Este