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El Octopusmanager

We will apply the concept of "octopusmanager" anyone in his managerial career management, either on his own inclination or theories and practices in vogue, pressure on their partners as thoroughly as inefficient.

One of the tools of "Regeneration of Management" is to realize and use practices "octopusmanager" in relation to your collaborators, and be prepared to neutralize those professional practice systematically higher than the griping pressure "octopusmanager".

The book "The Regeneration of Management" describes the 7 Toxic peculiarities of the "octopusmanager" and how to deal with the tools of "Regeneration of Management".

4 Responses to El Octopusmanager

  1. Remedies says:

    It is an interesting topic, if it departs the belief that we all “perfect” and assume that there are many areas for improvement in people management, probably more of a manager is totally identified with some of the behavior of Octopus Manager. I look expectation!!!!!

    • Rafa says:

      Remedies, thanks. I hope that many of us as managers to avoid falling into reflect practices "Manageroctopus". On the other hand, if our Manager behaves as a “octopus "will discuss the tools of defense to keep us from choking on their tentacles.

  2. Jose Maria Taylor says:

    With the latest reforms and their consequences,your concept of "manageroctopus" seen my humble opinion is to be converted into another concept much older and toxic “exclavitud”.

    • Rafa says:

      Maria Jose,
      What reason have. Arbitrariness and abuse may unfortunately produce. Soon we will be able to comment a new entry on CSR to new labor laws in Spain , Italy, Portugal, Greece, …
      Today, more than ever, CSR is a need. And CSR is implemented only if the Managers become aware, certain paradigms are questioned and if necessary modify them in a real regeneration of Management.
      You do not need slogans of the "gurus" of maximum profit, simply restore the principles and values.

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