The "Assessment 360", CSR tool

Mi amiga Muriel Isabel Jimenez, Blog in "People Management… An art!”, proposes an interesting exercise that she calls "Rule of thumb"to identify coworkers. This is to scrutinize the connections you've established in your workplace over the years, with your team, with colleagues, even with your heads. Isabel suggests making two groups: the first includes all those with whom you get along and the second to cause you substantial indifference or rash.

We only want the first, that apply to the "acid test" to check the "cleansing" of the link really exists. Answer this question with how many of them the same relationship mantendrías currently in intensity, frequency and camaraderie-if in a hypothetical case, 'd stop / quit the position that that person ocupas/ocupa-?;

His experience as an expert in HR is that with one hand you could number the genuine permanent relations, with which tell if a change.

Isabel asks you to be honest in analyzing whether your exchange is only a relationship of professional interests also based on the personal, what remains when we shed our scepter or launched into the air our crown. What is important is to identify who is on your side so you are and / or vouchers as a person who approaches the tree of power.

I agree one hundred percent with Isabel. My own experience confirms. The higher your position in the company get more active accessions, and forgetfulness when decoupling occurs. The bigger the company ditto ditto.

Managers of large companies must perform this "acid test" soon, because before certain processes such as a possible promotional opportunity, The HR department you could propose to a "360 Evaluation", it's like putting on slip if you are a "mister" or monobikini if ​​you're a "mysis" to your colleagues.

The "Assessment 360" becomes popular, like most modern management practices, mid '80s. Until then the line manager who assessed the performance was his collaborators. The "360 degree evaluation" is used to address levels and considers the views of all stakeholders who interact with the manager to evaluate. Ie includes all subordinates and internal customers and suppliers manager.

In this sense and in my point of view, "Assessment 360" is an internal tool of CSR. It provides diversified information about key performance areas ” difficult to measure” such as: leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, troubleshooting, or other skills. Supports transparency and redirects the principle of authority exceeded. In the upcoming book "The Regeneration of Management, through CSR "includes the" Assessment 360 "as a simple tool and important application visibility internal motivation towards the implementation of a system of CSR within SMEs.

Thanks for your input Isabel. For my part I would add that being completely honest with yourself, if after this "acid test" can not find anyone who can tell the situation change in status, more than likely you should review your management style, because maybe your collaborators and colleagues will consider a “Octopusmanager”.


Do you dare to do the test and tell Your Own Cotton?

What happened in this regard if you've lived a labor detachment?

What is your opinion on the 360 ​​º Assessment ?



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  1. ana maria pelaez says:

    Thanks Rafa!, associate interesting feedback to CSR 360, makes sense.
    The F360 º, can be designed through a questionnaire, but there are professional tools and dictionaries competition surveys that you can customize and apply online, validated with data processing and keeping the confidentiality of individual opinions, in http://www.hrtoolscenter.com we have different tools F360 º very easy to apply for all types of business, processes or recurring in any professional development. We keep reading :)

    • rafa House says:

      Ana Maria,
      I know that multinationals use sophisticated tools to perform 360 º Assessment, but thanks to your comment I see that SMEs can also use tools easily used and cost assumable. I entered on the website you mention in your comment and I find it very interesting not only for the purposes we discussed but for the professionalization of SMEs.

  2. milena says:

    Rafa, following your request for self-reflection, I tell you that I suffered, rather than test, Trial of Elizabeth Cotton. I "eredada" , or be disengaged by a process of ERE, of a major multinational. As business relationships and had many "friends" inside and outside the company. Well, one month after not receiving a call or, or anyone interested to know about me, unless one partner who I can consider my friend. Nowadays, work in another company, and I'm meeting with her from time to time and we have excellent. Its cotton cheats.

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