Weird ways “doping” in the company

Surely you have heard of the so-called Operation Puerto, that has been a major scandal and media coverage has to be the biggest sports doping scandal in Spain and its overseas branches. Administration of hormones and drugs and even blood transfusions, provides athletes, in this case riders, advantage outlaw to improve performance and overcome the exaggerated stress they are subjected to these titans of sport.

The Texan's confession Lance Armstrong a Oprah Winfrey, famous American television journalist, with previous marketing promotion of international audience, were obtained about their conquests of the seven Tours from winning in the first 1999, has shocked the sports world and leaves us, once more, reflecting on the point it has reached the "culture of anything goes".


When I hear or read this kind of news I have in mind the pressure that professional companies have come under pre-crisis, just at the time of the triumphs of Armstrong, to squeeze the lemon substantial market until its death, or continue to suffer such equipment currently in the crossing of the crisis. Because since the late nineties pressure has not abated.

It is the culture of maximum control growth, of increased market share drop that falls (usually the margin and consequently the benefit of the business), and overpressure on equipment business professionals.

At certain times in quarter-end or year I have witnessed pressure on factories to vomit amounts above its production capacity with waste in overtime and flexible controls. I've also seen pressure on the technical departments to accept low-cost products that do not leave quite quiet their consciences and, by discounting, Financial maneuvers induced to make up the numbers.

But the area most affected by these stakes is the marketing and sales department. Or sales especially in companies that separate, which in my opinion is a typical strategic mistake.

During the years of "boom", “boom”, “boom”, in mathematics "boom3 ”, because they were 3, as already described in my previous article "The Inverted Pyramid ", and carried by culture cited, many commercial companies hired overvalued with high wages in order to seize the burgeoning market before your competition. In technology companies (TICs) commercials and their heads were jumping from one company to another by substantially increasing their salaries by the variable. Which entailed enormous pressure to achieve the widespread.

Today the stress is equally high, now mainly to keep the job to staff reductions that continue.

There are managers in large companies and not so great, each in its scale, who confuse leadership with harsh practices of a foreman, and subject their equipment at pressures as exaggerated as ineffective. Because when the stress exceeds a certain level, employees not only pay less but are discouraged, lose interest, and split with the strategies and objectives of the company, which come to be considered unreachable, improper, and unreal.

Well, I believe some correlation between what was supposedly discovered on the methods of Dr. Sources Eufemiano and the pressure conducted by the "Octopusmanagers"Who have had their computers to practices that can lead to exaggerated performances outside of business ethics. Such practices as forms of doping act to influence at all costs to growth, to better performance and results, seriously jeopardizing your teams and your company.

One might say that this is arranged simply by rejecting the constraints that drive malpractice. It is easy to say, but not so easy to take out. A Spanish cyclist who recognized his lack, argued in a radio sports program :

- When you are twenty and tell you that's what you have to do to get the glory, which will be another that will accept, is difficult to reject.

A business professional does not aspire to yellow jersey, but to his family, children's schools and over the mortgage each month can flow without unforeseen.

So we are looking at cases with certain symmetries.

Both large enterprises and SMEs should dismiss such profiles“Octopusmanagers” that smother their teams, and evolve empowering managers to foster the talents of its employees.

Additionally an effective measure to be taken by the management is the implementation of the "Ombudsperson" or advocate the employee, that would be chosen from volunteers, to represent all employees of the company on any claims that may arise.

The simple implementation of an "Ombudsperson" independent HR department reduce conflicts and limit abuses, and in the event of the channels and raises properly, monitoring procedures to resolution


The Inverted Pyramid

Managers trileros before the close of fiscal year.


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  1. Adriana says:

    I love your blog, is professional and maintains a dynamic entries that intertwine various current issues with the business world and sometimes even a touch of humor.. Encouragement to continue….

  2. Peter says:

    It is another form of doping, to hold a meeting after the other, hundreds of mails and long hours, that lead to non-stop coffee and realmnente with current staffing reductions in equipment, have to be a magician to manage stress well .

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