The "consumisables"

Llamaremos “consumisables” a los colectivos prescriptores y consumidores que eligen los productos o servicios de la empresa bajo una forma responsable.

The power of consumers through social networks is impressive expansion. If they have been the architect of the revolutions in North Africa started in the 2011, awareness course on its ability to accept or reject products and / or trademarks. The responsible choice of customers or consumers can powerfully influence the competitiveness of the company.

Una vez implantada la RSC en la empresa, adequate communication policy allows for the creation of value for its "consumisables" and increased competitiveness for the companies.

4 Responses to The "consumisables"

  1. Juan Carlos says:

    It is difficult to reach even balancing between between price and product liability.

    • Rafa says:

      You are quite right, hence the importance of informing the consumer to make a responsible choice. There are voices who claim "your low-cost shopping can lead you to you and yours a low-salary jobs".

  2. Peter says:

    To be “consumisable” must have product information and company hence the importance of social networks and digital communication, is a new concept to popularize, the responsible consumer is being imposed….despite the crisis, the price is not everything….good idea to give input on this topic

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