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Very respectable,…yet.

Unfortunately corruption is our daily bread. Both here in Spain as in other countries there are countless cases of TOPs and Managers caught in murky corruption. But I just want to refer to the case that I disliked in my professional life as an engineer given the sympathy I have for this company. Is Siemensand its bad reputation having been in the news on several occasions to pay fees and be required to enter or agree substantial fines for acts of bribery.

On 2007 the company was accused of making payments to authorities systematically world-known cases including two former Argentine presidents 1996 - To obtain contracts, which led to the expulsion of several top executives and the resignation of its president, plus a fine record 1.600 million as part of an agreement with the U.S. government. and Germany. Was an agreement negotiated by the newly appointed chief executive of the company, the Austrian Peter Löscher, the first non-German CEO since the company was founded in 1847, and has at present 370.000 people 180 countries.

When this happened I was active in the army of General Electric, direct competitor. While GE integrity issues are sacred and all employees are advised to sit up and recycled annually with courses on line very everyday examples including, year 1996 when business argentino Siemens, el foco en los conceptos of integrity GE in fueron aumentados.

Actualmente Siemens afronta una acusación of acuerdos con la competencia in Brasil. Informa la prensa by ese país that a representante of dirección the división of transported Siemens fue contactado in 2010 por los dos consultores, the pidieron coordinar una reunión by that participarían también representantes de las empresas Alstom (France), CAF (Spain), Bombardier (Canadá) There Mitsui (Japan). In esa reunión, is Acordado habría that empresa alemana is adjudicaría the concesión de reforma de los trenes S3000 modelo the estatal Compañía Paulista Trenes Metropolitanos (CPTM), that mientras las empresas demás is compartirían el contrato para reforma de los trenes S2100. The payment of bribes have been realized through two companies “offshore”, Leraway and Gantown, that money would have entered Brazil through accounts in Uruguay, adds the report which was obtained daily.

Not to improve the reputation or results Löscher had too many hits and twelve days ago was replaced by Joe Kaser, former CFO of German firm, who surprised all and sundry with a first press conference very quiet, measuring and setting concepts very unusual. "The key to success is not the strategy, but the culture of a company, its values ​​and what it represents - said the new CEO - Our company is not in crisis, accurate or significant restructuring, but we are very concerned because lately we've lost some of our benefits over the competition. "

Certainly Siemens Today is not a good nor with the German railways Deutsche Bahn, who can not deliver on time contractual 16 high-speed trains and other 10 ICE trains to Frankfurt-London route. His commitment to solar energy has meant losses of 1.000 million, and has lost the lead in generating turbines against U.S. giant General Electric.

Competition licks and German financial sharks Kaser speculate whether the style will return to its traditional German flagship splendor and lead reliability or without the precise direction.

Generally I admired the professionalism, loyalty and pride of ownership that colleagues have shown that I have known this company. However Competition and friends. For all wish him well.

Siemens is a very respectable ..., yet.

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