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My friend Maria Claudia Londoño I was invited to attend last Thursday's conference Andrés Encinas , General Manager of the Hotel Husa Princesa in Madrid.

No personally knew the lecturer, especially moved me personally reconnect with Maria Claudia. She is a special woman. With multiple experiences through his extensive experience as a senior executive secretary in the Telefónica Group and its enforcement as president of the Board of Trade Secretariat in Madrid. Design and teaches courses and has written several books.

Also, what I admire especially is his personality. It is a spontaneous person, direct, clear, and possessing the gift and the will to help selflessly without one prompted.

When a character with this personality proposes to write a book on how to behave in the company in this situation as brutal exchange we support, and how we enhance emotional intelligence to survive in the working environment, is easy to imagine that the result is excellent.

Faced with both self-help guru and other recipes stereotyped packages that sometimes authors have belonged to an undertaking, Maria Claudia demonstrates his extensive business experience in his book "How to survive the change: Social and Emotional Intelligence in Business " ( Editorial FC). Book is entertaining and useful practice not only to professional colleagues of the author, to which is directed mainly, but for any professional seeking to improve its poise and "tables" in the current business scenario. I keep it with care because it leads friendly printed autograph signing and the author gave me last June in its editorial booth during the Book Fair in Madrid's Retiro Park .

Maria Claudia begins her story explaining the profound transformation in the professional secretariat produced the emergence of new technologies in the nineties. All that then we exercised in the private or public company had to retrain to survive the change or resign ourselves to death either via early retirement or job layoffs (bluntly layoffs) Company.

Emphasizes that if a profession that suffered the greatest impact, that was the professional secretarial, that by losing lost to its name. For several decades secretaries secretaries and personal assistants are called (asistants, Anglos say). Those who added new technological skills to update their tasks and duties were incorporated into teamwork and more integrated into middle management may face the new stage with a more relevant. Materialize the paradigm of converting technological change threat into opportunity.

However, this technological change deep corners not always certain skills were needed in these functions and any other, which further charged modern relevance for overall disclosure bestseller  “Emotional Intelligence” (Emotional Intelligence) Daniel Goleman published in 1995 and has been translated into 30 languages. I mean emotional and social skills.

Maria Claudia begins her book by an interesting chronological summary of emotional intelligence and social, from which I extract the term "social intelligence" was introduced by Robert Thorndike in 1937, although it was not until 1990 when Salovey and Mayer coined the term "emotional intelligence", which was taken to glory by Daniel Goleman in 1995 in his book "Emotional Intelligence".

Throughout the various chapters, fluent the author explains what it is and how professionally emotional intelligence structure (esteem, self confidence, creativity and innovation, different types of motivation and commitment),and social intelligence ( reliability, integrity, professional ethics, , empathy ...). At the end, and as a result of both intelligences, the emotional and social, how exercise affects social skills (communicate, influence and persuade ) and the concept of leadership and teamwork.

Not a recipe book but a training manual for professionals, summarized apart spiced with case studies that illustrate perfectly the subjects treated, and revealing the extensive practical experience of Maria Claudia.

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3 Responses to Intelligent Emotion


    Francamente estoy abrumada por los comentarios y el cariño con el que tratas el libro y mi persona. La verdad es que “tengo el ego subidito”. Mil y mil gracias, creo que ahora mismo veo el día mucho más luminoso.
    Mi objetivo al escribir el libro fue compartir mis experiencias y animar al lector al análisis de sí mismo para afrontar con mejores herramientas el reto de la adaptación al cambio.

  2. Gina says:

    The experiences and practical experience of the author the book will print consistency.
    Theory is important but much more practice.

    • Rafa House says:

      Not unique, but certainly one of the pillars of knowledge is experience. I am often surprised to see people working as business consultants or advisors when in the best all work experience has been developed in the consulting firm where he came from newly qualified Fellow. They tell me that their experience is wide because they have decided cases in different companies where they were temporarily displaced, however, in mim review, work in “outsourcing” temporal provide a biased, apart from that often the consulting report simply reflects the result that the client wants.
      Similar caso encontramos en pretendidos gurús empresariales que no han salido de su entorno académico.
      Thanks for the comment

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