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Me gusta mucho asistir a las entregas de diplomas de los jóvenes titulados. Las lecciones magistrales, discursos académicos y el canto del Gaudeamus Igitur al final del acto me emocionan, quizás por el recuerdo de mis años mozos.

Hace dos años presencie la ceremonia de ICAI-ICADE con lección magistral de  Amparo Moraleda, quien desde junio de 2001, con tan sólo 37 years old, fue Presidenta de IBM España constituyendo un gran hito respecto al papel de la mujer en la empresa, y que en aquel  momento era Directora del Area Internacional de IBERDROLA., y actualmente consejera de CORPORACIÓN FINANCIERA ALBA. Fue un discurso emotivo y muy sentido pues ella, todavía deslumbrantemente joven, no tenía tan lejos sus años de estudiante en ICAI. Defiendió moraleda talent fees against the gender.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the presentation of diplomas to the promotion 156 the Superior Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid (ETSII).

A memorable event not only for the winners but to all attendees. Naturally outfitted closed with a choir and Gaudeamus Igitur. Take to includeFull text of the hymn with translation into Spanish as young people do not know peep from Latin and studied it as a subject in high school and do not remember anything.

But what I really want to focus is the professor's lecture Julián Pavón who initiated the act lecturing about the challenges that new graduates will find in this XXI century Europe.

Perhaps some of these, even the speakers, not be one hundred percent under cichlid, however I admire people who, as Professor,expose their beliefs with respect and courtesy, but without mincing words and without prior resort be politically correct.

The lesson was really masterful. Titled "The evolution of the economic policy environment in the twenty-first century and its impact on the company" Professor Pavón business environment framed under three components:

a)The institutional

b)The economic and

c)The technological

Encompassing these three components, the key element of the XXI century is China's hegemonic strategy with three dominant leadership:

  1. Leadership productive ( China the world's factory)
  2. Financial Leadership (China the world's banker)
  3. Technological leadership (industrial, military and space)

Pavón explains all these concepts in his book "China dragon or parasite?” (2012) and the conference summarized with data and examples productive and financial leadership already consolidated, and in the next 10 technological culminate years.

These leaders retract western resources and cause deindustrialization and public and private disinvestment in many Western countries. Regrets that all this has occurred with the help of Western multinationals eager for short-term benefits not hesitate to transfer manufacturing and know-how Chinese giant benefits from its questionable joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 2001 while practicing widespread dumping five subjects Pavón structure: “dumping social "for their pay and working conditions , “dumping green "for their lack of respect for the planet, “dumping money "for his keeping the yuan artificially change , “dumping technology "for its systematic violation of industrial property"dumping political "by the component dictatorial state in the companies that financially support companies if it is required to enter the markets.

He continued his lecture by returning to the institutional issue to reflect on the weakness of small and fragmented Europe compared to the huge geographical dimensions with large populations of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). While they, BRICs countries, have very strong presidential governments, Europe is a Taifa kingdom with 28 fragmented states, subfragmentaciones threats even indoors in some. "In this context there is nothing more reactionary separatism in Europe in the XXI century", states advocating a truly united Europe under a Federal Government with their corresponding European ministries which should transfer the sovereignty of current countries.

We could not miss a call to system XXI century values. "You are - said- generating Europe U.S., peaceful settlement of space, will end up putting one foot on Mars ".

Without actually naming the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, Pavón urged the new graduates to, well by strong religious beliefs of those who are believers, convictions as reflected in modern secular humanistic ethics documents such as the Declaration of Human Rights, do not give up on your personal and professional attitudes to respond individually and collectively to the ethical regeneration of mankind.

Rejoice because (Guadeamus igitur), so be it.

PD.- Video de la clase magistral de Julián Pavón


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